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"The choices of alternative schools and programs have never been as outstanding as they are at this time"

Teen In Crisis

Schools range from regular boarding schools, to therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. Educationally the approaches are varied and designed to reach many different learning styles and reach every child. There are schools equipped to deal with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, substance abuse, and severe emotional disorders. There are programs that are wilderness based, programs with equine therapy and farm like settings. There is a school for every child.

"When a child is in an environment that works with where that child is, rather than where we believe the child should be, educators are able to open a child's mind to the natural desire to learn and grow. It is my experience to see children in these schools, who just a few months ago did not care about school or learning, who are now engaged and thriving. This is an absolute thrill to see!"

Using an Educational Consultant to guide you through the process of placing your child will greatly increase the chance for a speedy and optimal placement, while reducing the stress and uncertainty facing you.