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"I work with the family to create a profile of your child's emotional, physical, academic and intellectual needs"

Teen In Crisis

Paula helps parents make a balanced, informed and reasonable decision in placement, rather than a hasty, emotional one. The process begins with a phone call in which it is determined whether or not alternative placement is appropriate for your child. If so, an in depth assessment follows. This consists of talking to each parent and gathering additional relevant material. After reviewing this information, Paula works with the family to create a profile of your child's emotional, physical, academic, and intellectual needs.

Having pre-screened the child, Paula will contact schools or programs suitable for the child. She works with their Admissions Counselors to determine whether the child is a good fit, and if there is room for placement (many programs have waiting lists). After reviewing your child's needs with a number of programs, she will give you a list of two or three appropriate options.

During the application process, and subsequently into a program or school, she remains the parent's advocate, educating them about the questions they should ask the school, and about what they can and should expect from the program.

Paula has no affiliation with any school and receives no compensation from any school or program for placement. She works directly for the family. Her professional commitment is to finding the right place for each child.